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    B.F. Pinkerton, Who are you? [replication]

    To B.F. Pinkerton,

    Hi. This is a replication of http://www.atriumtech.com/cgi-bin/hilightcgi?Home=/home/InterWeb2000&File=/home2/searchdata/Forums/http/www.pantip.com/cafe/klaibann/topicstock/H1467839/H1467839.html&Query=OXFORD%20+%20KLAIBANN

    I wrote this out of my friend's (and my) curiosity. Several months ago, I commented on some forum on Klaibann. I did tell a story of my friend in the comment. After that, you commented on the same forum and claimed that we had a mutual friend. You seemed to know a lot about my friend. More than I do as the matter of fact. At the time, I didn't really pay attention since I thought you were a friend of his from ... god knows where.

    I just got a chance to talk to my friend in person recently and he still couldn't figure it out who you were. We kinda dig into it a bit and came up with one person who might be you. However, lots of information are inconsistent.

    So, we decided to post this to get the answer of who you are.

    PS. Sorry for my poor English. This is all mine. My friend has nothing to do with it.

    Thanks. Ta-ta.

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