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    Just an Idea if chanruen member have a meeting for second hands baby clothing and equipment plus meet each other !!

    It could be a great help ka! Thinking about all the space at home that you need to keep all the baby clothes , sterilizer, toys , breast pump etc....  Just make a meeting for exchange the stuff or sales it.
    The buyer will safe a lot of money. The saler will get something back from the money that you invest for your baby better than get nothing.
    Just form a group of staff - saler need to be their earlier - then put thing on the table - got some sticker just telling about the number of saler and how much it is?  buyer just go there and pick thing that they want. go to paid- that it. And you can have a coffee , tea or desserts corner - well, everybody need to paid maybe 30 bth to get in. something like this. Lots of NCT group in the UK do this and it work very well ka.

    จากคุณ : ja_oh - [ 28 ต.ค. 50 16:57:15 ]