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    >> Change S300 External Display Yellow Background <<
    You will need Samsung DIY 3.2



    So far i only have the correct picture table for the S30DXWF2 firmware. If your using any other firmware, try to find the right picture table. Otherwise ill try to make one for you.

    NOTE: For all downloads, right-click -> save target as...

    1. Open the firmware in Samsing DIY

    2. Go to replace pictures tab

    3. Open picture table
    S30DXWF2 firmware users use this table Download

    4. If your using my picture table, you should see only 1 image, that is the yellow external display background. Otherwise if your using your own firmware/table try to find the picture. Its usually near the bottom of the list, size 6114, 96x64, 8bit colour.

    5. Double click to open preview, then click the preview to show replace screen.

    6. Open an image you want as the external background. (Use photoshop or something to resize an image to 96x64 first.)
    Sample Image (i used this as it looks similar to the s200's external display background.)

    7. Click save.

    8. Go back to the pictures table, and it should be updated with the new picture.

    9. Now right-click the picture, and create .s3 file. Save the .s3 file as something like External-Background.s3

    10. Flash the file to your phone with optiflash. It should only be flashing the single image to the proper section of memory on your phone, so it will only take a fraction of a second.

    Heres a finished sample flashable .s3 file external background.
    Download (S30DXWF2 ONLY. Don't know if it will work on other firmware, i doubt it.)


    It works for images other than the yellow background. For example you can replace the build in backgrounds, icons ect. basically any image in the phone.

    Share your own flashable images. If you do, please specify what image it replaces, and what firmware it can be used with.

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