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ใครเก่งๆJava ช่วยทำการบ้านหน่อยค่า...จะแย่แล้ว******

A man bringing a pack of cabbage, a goat, and a wolf, wants to cross the river with his boat. Since the boat is very small, the man can not bring of his stuffs onto the boat. He can bring only one of his stuffs in one time. However, some problems may occur if the man dose not stay with his stuffs.

- The wolf may eat the goat if they stay alone.
- The goat may the eat the cabbage without the man.

***Write a Java program to solve this problem. This program should allow the user to use either the Breadth-First Search or Iterative-Deepening Search. This program can be just a console (running in text mode) program, asking users to select the search strategise, and return the sequence of actions that are the solution of the problem.

***Try to make the program returns the optimal solution, by precisely defining the problem.

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