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    As whit industrial coating techniques, electrostatic pesticide spraying technology offers an attractive alternative, which will increase not only the pesticide deposition efficiency but the biological efficacy as well. The reason behind this is the small droplet sizes that can be achieved in electrostatics-based systems. That is, in addition to being essential for increasing the biological efficacy, the generation of small droplets will increase the droplet’s charge-to-mass ratio. This will, in effect, increase the coulomb force acting on the droplet to a value which is high enough to overcome the mass-dependent gravitational and inertial forces (law, 1989), with a subsequent increase of the deposition efficiency of pesticides
    In pesticide spraying, a nozzle has been developed to generate a concentrated jet which forms an electrified cloud inside the tree foliage. The mutual repulsion of the particle and their coulomb attraction to the leaves (electrically grounded through the tree itself) ensure a superior coverage on both sides of the leaves (Law and Cooper, 1989) (fig.19.7)

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