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    หัวข้อ The day I should stay in bed

    the day i should just stay in bed is about last year.Previously,I attened to a biology camp and that was the first day of the camp. In the meantime, it was the day that I must go to the military class(เรียน ร.ด. ถูกป่าวครับ) too. I had to determine that should i go to the camp or the military class,because if i skip the class,i wouldn't have permission to skip anymore.Finally,i decided to go to the camp at Chula University because it may be my last chance to see a electorn microscope!
    That day,i went to the place following the programme.i wait for a hour but it was still quiet.it was queer that there were nobody around there.At that time,i think i must go to wrong place.they might change the place to somewhere i didnt know.i started to walk around the university.i walked for a long time but i could not found that where the camp held.So i changed my mind to go to the military class.but it was too late to go back home and change the uniform and go to the class.Finally,i went back home with my pained leg.i was skip the class for nothing!!!

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