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    Im a 4th year student, Majoring of Chemical Engineer. Im interested in this major because Chemistry is such a high valued component for the most of Thais industries nowadays. As you can see in a lot of Thai businesses now require a Chemical engineer, a Process engineer and a Piping engineer, .etc., that are all the most popular major in the part of Chemical Engineer.

    After I have studied in the Chemical Engineering, I found that is not just a kind of an interesting issue but there are too many things I want to learn and discover them myself. Then, I planed to study in this field in the high level when I finish my bachelor degree. The Majoring of Chemical and Process Engineering is my ambition for the master degree.
    This is because I realized that this course will bring me to have the high potential to work and improve my skill by the real experiences.

    I could ensure that I can learn it well and clearly. Also, I hope I can use my worthy knowledge for my career in the future.

    The research of Corrosion is interesting me. It is the main point of my senior project (Corrosion Behavior). And now I would like to learn more about it.

    Plant design is the other one of the research that Im interested in. As it is the most important part in every kind of industry, I think that the good design will lead the cost decreasing, and the final products will come out in good condition. More over, the plant with the good design will be able to lead us to use the resources reasonable and worthy.
    All of these are neccessory for the factory and good for the environment. In my opinion, leaning and doing the research in this field is the one of the way that I can value added my knowledge and make me to be a respectable person.

    I want to be a Design Engineer who has high skill and potential in the future. I want to be the one who has the strong knowledge at the process designing and can design the high quality process for the chemical industry. Or I will be an expert in developing the process as I want to improve its efficiency to be higher one day. This works are sound challenging for me!

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