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    Going to college in America

    I just finish my junior year(M.5) here as an exchange student and I am going back home soon. I have been living in America for a year and I love the diversity and beauty of this country. I am considering coming back here again to go to college. The problem is I am not a wealthy person so I think it might be better if I finish my undergrad in Thailand first and then come here for my master degree. Do you have any suggestion? I am not really sure what I want to major yet, probably chem or pharmacy I guess. Anyway I know that in America you don't have to declare you major until your junior year or so. My budget is about 500,000 baht per year. I want to go to some small private college in the MidWest. I have heard that there are a couple outstanding colleges in chemistry. Anyway the cost of living here is so high and all the expenses would kill me. is it hard to get some scholarship here? Where I can find out about it? Do you think I'd better come here for my undergrad or grad? Thank you for your help, I am gladly appreciate it.

    จากคุณ : Nattawat - [ 13 มิ.ย. 50 11:23:00 A: X: ]