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X86 ไทยดังลั่นโลก

Attack of the Clones!
Written by sHARD
Monday, 08 May 2006
The Empire strikes back? It's been 9 years since the “death” of the Macintosh clones, but apparently they can't be killed. After seeing OSx86 for sale in Bangkok, it was only a matter of time before commercial pirates moved to the "hard" stuff. If Apple makes the big money on hardware, why shouldn't illegal cloners do too? Apparently they've caught on, selling such items as the "PowerPC G6 Macintosh", an "Apple G6 Macintosh-Clone Computer" with a 3.8GHz Pentium 4. Along with the fancy OSx86 compatible hardware, it comes pre-loaded with something the seller likes to call "Mac OSX-86 Apple MacOS X Tiger 10.4.3". A “low, low” price of $500 ensures plenty of sales.

What's interesting to note here, beside the blatant disregard for copyright, trademark, and patent law, is the homegrown nature of these operations. What once was the domain of small South American and Chinese factories is now the realm of home PC builders. This represents quite a shift from the old business model, and it's probably time Apple started worrying about it. With the simplicity and anonymity of the internet, operations are here and gone in a few days. There's the potential to sell thousands.

As you may notice, we refrain from linking to this material as we continue on our mission to prevent piracy. Clones represent the worst of theft, giving their perpetrators thousands in undue monetary gain. Rest assured, suppliers are out there.

All this leaves us with an important question: When Steve Jobs first re-joined Apple, the clones were dead. When will we see a return of the jedi?

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