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Notebook Free!


If you follow my SIX step process you are guaranteed to get a FREE High End Laptop!

The company that is giving these AWESOME machines away is called Offercentric.

They get money for people(like you) completing FREE offers.

Here is the step by step intruction list and what to expect:

1: Go to this web address:

2: Select your Free Gift.

3: Put in your e-mail address and create a password(make sure you remember this password)


4: Complete 1 Free Offer from the list:

Don't worry about signing up for anything and not being able to cancel. I have completed 90%
of these offers over time and they all are very easy to cancel. They even give you the phone
number right when you finish signing up!

5: IMPORTANT - Make sure you don't cancel until you have recieved credit for the offer. SOmetimes
This can take a couple of days. Not to worry, You will be able to cancel before your free trial runs out.

6: That's it!!! Your done with the hard part!!! Now just refer friends and walk them through
the same process! I know that everyone has plenty of friends that wouldn't mind a Free Laptop!!!

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