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ช่วยผมแปลประโยคนี้ทีครับ เกี่ยวกะ OS Linux

The file descriptor information has to be stored on disk, so it will stay around even when the OS does not.
- In Unix, all the descriptors are stored in a fixed size array on disk. The descriptors also contain protection and accounting information.
- A special area of disk is used for this (disk contains two parts: the fixed-size descriptor array, and the remainder, which is allocated for data and indirect blocks).
- The size of the descriptor array is determined when the disk is initialized, and cannot be changed. In Unix, the descriptor is called an i-node, and its index in the array is called its i-number. Internally, the OS uses the i-number to refer to the file.
- When a file is open, its descriptor is kept in main memory. When the file is closed, the descriptor is stored back to disk.

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