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    Coloccini สนย้ายซบหงส์

    Liverpool in Coloccini talks
    by Editor :: 2004-07-23, 02:42
    AC Milan defender Fabricio Coloccini has revealed talks are on-going
    for a move to Liverpool.
    Coloccini told the Sun newspaper: "I know one of Liverpool's classic games is against Rooney's club - Everton. He's a great player and if I go there, I'll have to mark him.

    "There are good strikers in all European leagues and you have to be prepared to take on players with that sort of quality.

    "In Spain, I've had to mark forwards who are just as dangerous. I can do it, I feel capable of it."

    He added: "I've heard the Liverpool reports. We're in talks and the offer interests me.

    "I'm proud a club the size of Liverpool rates me, I really like British football and follow it a lot.

    "And for the coach who won the Spanish championship to ask for me - given all the players in Spain - is a boost.

    "I'll be very appreciative if the deal comes off. I wouldn't let him down."

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