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    Kui Kha Mong Hoon Thai Nai Sinthorn....snake snake fish fish version for Khun Inn{แตกประเด็นจาก I3051378}

    กระทู้นี้แตกประเด็นมาจาก I3051378

    Hi Doctor Klooney
    How about your sex shop oop work shop in Berlin.
    did Berlin celebrate Octoberfest just like Munich?
    the bullish trend  was intercepted by a nervous sign cause by investors concern at bird flu ,soaring oil price,cabinet recycle(old ale in the new bottle).
    I think that you must deal stocks from internet channel to liquidate  your portfolio.

    waiting for your good opinion

    PK (Post Kratoo)
    sorry for my snake snake fish fish grammar ha ha ha ha

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