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    not ready and too late

    i knew him for 2 years...and we are friend...but i knew that since the first year i knew him and our friend said that he like me... he always show his action and good feeling to me...and he also ask me about do i have a bf yet? or why don't i have a bf?...but for me...i feel good about him but i was not ready to have anyone because i didn't have much time and i didn't want him and me to be sad if we couldn't get along, so i never answer and show the feeling back to him..and now he's changing..and i know that it's too late for me and him to turn back again....wanna know if u were me..what do u think?

    จากคุณ : girl no idea - [ 29 ต.ค. 46 13:43:41 A: X:, ]