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    รายละเอียด เชิญเยี่ยมชม:
    APRIL 21, 2004
    Greenspan hints at earlier interest rate hike
    WASHINGTON - US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has said that the US banking industry is braced for a future rise in interest rates.

    The powerful 78-year-old central bank chief was speaking amid feverish worldwide speculation that he may soon decide to lift the key federal funds target rate from a 1958 low of 1 per cent.

    Some investors fear banks and major financial institutions would be hurt by such a move.

    But Mr Greenspan told the Senate banking committee: 'Many banks indicate that they now either are interest-rate neutral or are positioned to benefit from rising rates.'

    Mr Greenspan added the data showed that the banking industry was adequately managing its interest rate exposure.

    He said banks had adjusted their investments with a view to the likelihood of rising interest rates.

    And many of them also believed that an increase in interest rates would ease pressure on margins.

    Some economists say the Federal Reserve may raise rates as soon as June in an effort to cool the economy if consumer prices keep rising and if employers sustain a recent spurt in jobs creation.

    In March, the US economy added 308,000 jobs, a four-year record.

    Rock-bottom US interest rates prompted millions of American homeowners to re-finance their mortgages, lowering monthly payments and often pocketing some of the higher value of their homes.

    Most analysts say the housing market will decelerate when rates rise, but very few predict a price collapse. -- AFP

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