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    Please give me some advice. How can I do ka. I'm confusing

    Please listen my problem na ka.
    I just came here for 1 month for study ka. I live in colorado ka. I don't know any thai people in here except my cousin. She is the ownner of thai restaurant ka,so I worked with her in thai restaurant. I feel she fool my wages ka. I work all day(10.00 am to 9.30 p.m) I have wages just 25$/day. I have no tips too. My cousin told me that in here tips is belonged to the owner. I work as waitress(there is only one waitress,it's me) ka. I work as cooker, disher and everything that she want me to do. But I have wages just 25$/day.
    I'm not sure that 25$/day is the general wages for part time job mai ka because I don't know any thai friends in here. I don't know how can I know about wages, but I used to read at pantip that wages about 5$/hour. In here , the cost of wage calculate per hour ler ka?
    Now, I want to change my prt time job but when I ask my cousin that how can I get another job in here, she never give answer to me. How can I get another job in another thai restaurant na ka.?
    My second problem is I have no driver lincense, so I can not drive the car in here to drive the car to work. I take B Bus to go back my home (Westminster) from Boulder. My cousin claimed this problem that why I must do the job with her.
    How can I solve my problem ka.

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