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    รบกวนตอบ Stucture/Toelf ให้ด้วยค่ะ

    1. Sand is formed by the weathering and decomposition of all types of rock,____ most abundant mineral constituent being quartz
    A. and its B. since it's C.its D. it is

    2. The area of United State "was" double as "a" "result of" the Louisiana purchase "which made" in 1803

    3. Lizette Wood worth Reese's best knownpoem is the sonnet "Tears",____in 1899
    A. publish B. published C. to publish

    4. The concept "of folk" music,"through generally understood by "most" people,has "not" simple,widely accepted definition

    P.S. อันที่มี "---" คือคำที่ขีดเส้นใต้นะคะ พอดีไม่รู้จะขีดยังไง
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