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    Question for Professors in the US

    What are the determinants of getting an assistant professor job? Could you please order them according to the level of their importance.

    1. GPA for Ph.D. degree
    2. Present and publised paper (theoretical base)
    3 Real experience in one's specialty (applied research cooperated with pratitioners, working experience as a practitioner before joining graduate school)
    4. Teaching experience (what if one doesn't have)
    5. Dissertation quality and committee's reputation
    6. The wide range of classes one is able to teach--the wider range, the better? (i.e, not only one's specialty, but also introduction classes and reasearch method classes)
    7. Connection, reccommendation from Dean, advisors.
    8. School reputation
    9. Discrimination against non-American citizens
    10.Leadership charisma and demonstrated commitment
    11. Luck

    Thank you ka.

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