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    ครือจะส่งงานวันจันทร์อ่ะครับ เป็นสรุปเกี่ยวกับเรื่องโลกร้อน พออ่านไปอ่านมา เกิดความวิตกก๊าบ...ไม่รู้มันผิดตรงไหน...ถ้าไง ผู้รู้แวะเวียนเข้ามาช่วยแนะนำด้วยนะครับ

    “Global warming”, an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that causes climatic changes around the world, has become a controversial issue among scientists. With several evidences of climate change worldwide, one group strongly believe that global warming are caused by human activities while another group, which is a minority, claimed that it is not dangerous, still a myth, and no credible scientific proof that humans lead to global warming.
    However, humans actually are destructing the world by overuse of fossil fuels, massive industry and huge power generators. In addition, after a revolution of industry, 30% of carbon dioxide emissions have increased. As a result, emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into atmosphere from various human activities cause melting of glaciers in Norway, driest winter in Australia, sinking Tuvalu and Kiribus countries, massive sulphur clouds in Asia. Apart from widespread drought, bushfires, pressure of water system and heat stress, climate change could lead to damage fourteen World Heritage Sites and extinction of uncommon animals in Australia. Also, tourism will be affected extremely.
    Indeed, there are many simple solutions of global warming problem for individuals: reduction in use of cars, usage of solar power or other environmentally friendly energies and stimulation of local politicians in order to take more action in environmental issue.
    At the level of environmental policy, most of the nations, who are suffering from the climatic changes, some of them will be forced to resettle to other countries, agree with Kyoto protocol in an attempt to deal with emission of greenhouse gases. On the other hand, industrial countries did not sign this protocol because there is no strong evidence that humans cause heating of earth’s atmosphere. Nonetheless, most people, particularly Australians, were concerned about the global warming and ready to pay more for clean energy or renewable sources because it can be solved by collaboration of people.

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