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    I would like to know how to survive courseworks of Ph.D. Econ.

    Suppose that the class I am studying has 40 people. The first 10 has strongest matematics, the second 10 has strong matematics, the third 10 has moderate mathematics, and the last 10 has weak mathematics. Also suppose that the university I am attending is in the top rank 20-30 in the U.S. such as Brown, U of Maryland, or U of Virginia.

    Suppose that I was unfortunately in the last group. What should I do to survive to pass Prelim exam at the first time?

    To be pertinent, I would like to know HOW TO SURVIVE or Survival Packet for studying Ph.D. Econmics.

    Please answer with caring attention. I will feel depress to see kidding suggestion.

    I appreciate any beneficial suggestion. Thank you.

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