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    (T_T) ช่วยหน่อยน่ะ: Business law in USA

    ได้การบ้านมา 25 คดี ต้องทำให้เสร็จใน 1 เดือน ที่เหลือนี่ทำไม่ไจริงๆ ช่วยแนะนำหน่อยค่ะ ปวดหัวมากเลย เพราะเรียนตัวแรกก้อเจอวิชาหินเลย ขอบคุณมากๆ เลยน่ะค่ะ

    1.In a lawsuit between digital Sales Corporation and Engineering Associates, Inc., the court applies the doctrine of stare decisis. What is this doctrine? What does this doctrine have to do with the American legal system?

    2. Ann operates Ann’s Fruits & Vegetables, a small market stocked entirely with produce grown on her adjacent farm. Under what clause of the Constitution can the federal government regulate Ann’s activities? What is Ann’s best argument against federal regulation of her farm and business?

    3. On May 1, Local Cartage Company and Modern Computers, Inc., orally agree that Local Cartage will pick up from National Chip Corporation and deliver to Modern computers’ manufacturing plant a certain number of computers will pay for the delivery services on June 1. On May 1, is this contract express, implied in fact, or implied in law? On May 31, after all of the deliveries have been made; is the contract executed or executory?

    4. Nick, an employee of Omega financial Corporation, gives the firm two weeks’ notice that he will quit. In anticipation of his departure, Omega offers the job to Paula, giving her five business days to decide whether to accept. Four days later, Nick signs a new contract with Omega and tells Paula of the new contract. She immediately emails Omega her acceptance of Omega’s offer. Does she have a contract with Omega?

    5. Real Estate Investments, Inc., owns and manages an office building. Secure insurance Company agrees to lease the building for five years. Under the lease, secure is obligated to pay all of the utility costs. Two years into the term, Secure asks real Estate to modify the lease to provide that the utility costs be split equally between them. Real Estate agrees, but later decides it does not want to share the utility costs? Why or why not?

    6. Don is an elderly man who lives with his nephew Evan. Don is dependent on Evan for support. Evan advises Don to “invest” in Evan’s “professional gambling,” venture, or Evan will no longer support him. Don liquidates his other investments and signs a contract with Evan, to whom Don gives the funds. Can Don set aside this contract?

    7. A-One Landscapers, Inc., owes Friendly1Finance company $5,000. A-One enters into a contract with Suburban Office Park under which A-One promises to maintain the landscaping on Suburban’s property. Under the contract, Suburban promises to pay Friendly Finance the amount that will be due A-One until A-One’s debt to Friendly finance is paid. A-One performs as promised, but Suburban does not pay Friendly Finance. Can Friendly Finance succeed in a suit against Suburban? Why or why not?

    8. National Drilling Company ships its only pump to American Hydraulics Corporation, the manufacturer, for repair. National hires Overland Transport, Inc., to take the pump to American Hydraulics and to return it to National as soon as the repair is complete, National is forced to suspend operations without a pump, but Overland does not know this. National expects to be without the pump for five days and to lose profits of $5,000. When the pump is not returned by the end of the fifth day, National rents a pump at a cost of $100 per day. Overland delays five more days before returning the pump. National files a suit against Overland, asking for compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages. Will National recover?

    9. Quality Computer Company agrees to sell one hundred hard drives to Retail Electronics, Inc. The hard drives, which Retail Electronics expressly requires to have certain amounts of memory, are to be shipped “F.O.B. Retail Electronics distribution center in Memphis, TN.” When the drives arrive, Retail Electronics rejects them and informs Quality Computer, claiming that the drives do not conform to Retail Electronics’ memory requirement. A few hours later, the drives are destroyed in a fire at Retail Electronics’ distribution center. Will Quality Computer succeed in a suit against Retail Electronics for the cost of the goods?

    10. Adam steals from Business Resources, Inc., ten computer hard drives, which Adam sells to Computer Products Corporation (CPC). Unaware that the drives are stolen, CPC reconditions them and sells them to Direct Marketers, Inc. With the reconditioned drives, CPC gives Direct Marketers a written statement that disclaims “any and all warranties.” Business Resources learns that Direct Marketers has the drives and demands their return. Direct Marketers gives the equipment to business resources and files a suit against CPC. Will Direct Marketers succeed in its suit? Why or why not?

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