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    k. Amyko BARF ka

    k.amyko ka, Beckham got bored of BARF for over a month. Is this normal? I thought it will happen only a day or two.

    He eats chicken everyday and liver 1 meal a week.
    1-2 tablets of Brewer yeast.

    Apple cider vinegar w. mother in his drinking water.

    crushed carrot and crushed vitamin C twice a week but only sensible amount.

    sardine 1 meal every week

    yoghurt almost everyday with 2-3 raw eggs a week.

    he's an 8 months golden ka.

    he always get bored of his food. Before I chage to BARF, I have changed 3 brands of dog food.
    he's not gain weight much now ka. I walk him evryday at least half an hour to 1 and a half hour.

    I comb his hair with the wire comb. Is it too sharp and it cause his dandruff? He can'tbe allergic to any of cleaning floor coz. I use only water to mop my floor.

    how can he eat more and gain weight ka?

    I cook yoghurt for him using your recipe but my question is if i use yoghurt from supermarket and it said it's expired on dec 1 that means yoghurt that I made it myself will be expired on Dec 1, too or can be delayed ...

    hw's now eating from my hand and he doesn't like to eat a big part of chicken and bone. It's not possible to have him eat the whole uncut chicken ka.
    quite a long explanation ka..thanks very mcuh

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