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    Clarinet Recital (KU Concert Series 2002)-แก้ไขโปรแกรม

    Kasetsart University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Communication Arts
    proudly presents

    "KU Concert Series 2002-Clarinet Recital & String Ensemble" performed by all student in clarinet major and K.U. string Chamber with guests:- Lui Saekua (Piano), Sasipa Lertsuvimolkul (Piano) and Narumol Potivase(Violin)

    The Program include works by :
    -J.S.Bach (Four Pieces from Suite in D major),
    -Joseph Haydn (Trio for Two Clarinets & Violin),
    - W.A.Mozart (Five Divertimenti for Three Clarinets Divertimento Nr.2),
    -W.A.Mozart (Kegelstatt Trio for Two Clarinets & Piano, K.498),
    - Mendelssohn (Double Concerto for Two Clarinets with Piano Accompaniment)
    -Phillippe Gaubert (Allegretto for Solo Clarinet with Piano Accompaniment)
    -Darius Milhaud (Suite Trio for Clarinet, Violin & Piano)

    The concert will be held in the auditorium of Thai-Germen Cultural Foundation (Goethe Institute), Sathorn soi.1
    on Thursday November 21, 2002 at 7 pm.

    ***** Free Admission *****

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