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    บทเพลงจากSpirited away" แปลเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ เอามาให้ได้ชื่นชมกัน...

    Always with Me
    It's calling, somewhere deep in my heart.
    I want to have an exciting dream always.

    There are countless sorrows,
    But I will surely see you beyond them.

    Every time one makes a mistake,
    One just knows the blue of the blue sky.
    It looks that the path continues to no end,
    But these arms can hold the light.

    My silent heart in the time of farewell,
    The body that becomes zero listens carefully.

    The mystery of being alive, the mystery of going to die,
    It's the same with flowers, winds, and towns.

    It's calling, somewhere deep in my heart,
    Let's make a dream, always and time after time.

    Rather than count the number of sorrows,
    Let's sing softly with the same lips.

    In the closing memories,
    I always hear the whisper that I do not want to forget.
    Even on a shattered mirror,
    A new landscape can be reflected.

    The morning of the beginning, the quiet window.
    Fill up the body that becomes zero.

    I no longer look for it over the sea.
    The shining thing has been here always,
    I have found it in myself.


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